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Google Dance 2006 Search Engine Strategies

Thursday, August 10, 2006 by JAWs

In the theme of the 2006 Google Dance were the elements of Google.

In a truly fun event, with food prepared by Google chefs, drinks, and sounds from the band, the 2006 Google Dance was a blast.

The party was enjoyed by all. Both, attendees and Google employees seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere.

The Google Bots even got involved in the Google Dance. Cool robots were programmed to do all sorts of stunts from kicking a soccer ball to what could only be described as their own dance routines. The attendees could even control them remotely.

The party was really getting started as the sun went down, the lights and sounds came on.

What would a party be without beach volley ball.

The band seemed to certainly get in the swing of things.

All the known elements of Google were on display for the attendees to interact with, ask questions with some of the Google employees, and learn a few key concepts about the products. If you were lucky, you could even learn a thing or two about elements yet to be announced.

Dessert was all you could eat ice cream.

Additionally, as in years past, Google engineers were available for a couple of hours to meet and discuss items one on one. This was an opportune time to ask questions, collaborate with, and listen in on some of the inner thought processes for making Google Search results better along with having a better understanding of some of the other key areas related to search, enterprise, AdWords, site-maps, and webmaster tools.

Attendees had a blast doing live caricatures and karaoke. Using a green backdrop and cover cloth, the heads of the attendees were embedded into live caricature videos.

One of the most popular attractions was Dunk the Google Guy. While it was extremely popular for the fans and maybe a few attendees took a little emotion into throwing the softballs at the target, (my throws were all high) the Google Guy did not seem to be having quite as much fun as the rest of the Google crew.

I think this picture tells it all.

While the dance was going on, some of the engineers could be seen working late in their offices. Here, is one of the popular corner views that some engineer or Google employee has. I guess they decided that maybe they were tired of the Ogglers and created this sign to capture the attention of other ogglers.

Thank you Google for the invitation. Professional Web Services looks forward to the Google Dance of 2007.

Professional Web Services provides Internet marketing services, ethical search engine optimization, online advertising strategies, and web branding solutions.

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