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Google Dance Search Engine Strategies 2005

Fun Filled time at the 2005 Google Dance

Picasa Posted by Picasa

From the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo to the great evening at the Googleplex Google Dance, what a fantastic time!

Early arrivals enjoying food, drink, and great conversation with Google employees and conference attendees.

The food and drinks were excellent. Especially enjoyed the shrimp feast.

This was a Hands On Demos Event. Check your Gmail account. Learn a Picasa tip or two. Fly to your home on the Google Earth.

Be Your Own Star - The YMCA Karaoke Crew
Picasa Posted by Picasa

While some folks were being their own stars, others were playing volley ball under the stars. On the inside was dancing to a live band. But, most of all there was a relaxed atmosphere for all to kick back and enjoy the great company, and even got to talk with the engineers too.

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“Google Dance Search Engine Strategies 2005”


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