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Grand Opening of TechBA Center San Jose, CA

San Jose, California TechBA Grand Opening Posted by Hello

TechBA Is The Technology Business Accelerator

View short clip of the Mariachi Band playing at the opening of the TechBA center in San Jose, California on Feb. 28, 2005. Mexico's Secretary of the Economy, Fernando Canales and other United States representatives were present. To read the complete story and view photos visit The Egalitarian Entrepreneur.

Professional Web Services, was invited to attend by TransformTec's president Jeff Phillips. Photos taken by Professional Web Services, Inc. Copyright 2005.

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Many times, a company attends an event with no thought of the inherent value of sharing their business trade information with customers in the form of video advertising, on a Blog, multimedia streaming, a Webinar, or even a website. Events such as this can be an excellent opportunity to advertise and promote a company and products from: eCommerce software, Unix driven System Software, IM conferencing, business VOIP, or large scale Enterprises such as power and energy services & solutions for utilities, all the way to marketing automobiles, High Frequency Radio, GPS Tracking devices, consumer products, and other high tech technology gadgets. Even in the B2C e-commerce world can this be a strategy for promoting items. With consumers flocking to the Internet and checking out company websites, national events such as this put a personal touch on the company affairs.

So, the next time your company has an event consider sharing it in a virtual way.

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“Grand Opening of TechBA Center San Jose, CA”


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